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Connor Rozee

Underrated SA forward that has the scope to be the next Nat Fyfe

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Name: Connor Rozee

Height: 185 cm

Weight: 72 kgs

Projected: Draft Range 3 – 15

This kid is underrated (currently projected to go from 10) and has the scope to be the best player in a strong draft.

Connor Rozee is a smart and classy forward/midfielder. He is quick and a great runner, excellent with his positioning, good by hand and foot, a high mark and mercurial at ground level, a great decision maker, creates impact in and around the stoppages, lowers his eyes to hit targets I50, kicks freakish goals, is relentless with his pressure and lays big tackles.

So why on Earth is he underrated?? It’s because he’s light. The worry is that if he hasn't filled out by now, that he might not ever.

He lacks strength, his stoppage craft could use work, he doesn’t win enough contested ball – these are all things you’ll hear draft writers say, but you need to take with a grain of salt. These are just words that are easy to label a skinnier player with.

Rozee played predominantly forward at the U18 Champs not because his stoppage craft needs work, but because South Australia had heavier midfielders like Hatley and Valente that lack pace, x-factor, and the ability to hurt the opposition – things that Rozee has in spades. Rozee impacts the game from everywhere, others can’t, but he will likely end up as a pure midfielder.

Rozee didn’t have the best U18s Champs, though he stepped up when it counted. In the final match of the tournament, the ‘final’ against Vic Metro, Rozee had the 18 disposals and four clearances. He had plenty of I50, score assists, intercept marks and marks on the lead, desperate diving smothers, chase and tackles, and even a sensational goal where he kicked a banana with the ball on the half volley. He is also playing well in SANFL League footy and so has the chance to move up the draft board in the back half of 2018.

Connor has all the traits to be an exceptional player, you could easily see him being a very damaging midfielder in the mould of Dale Thomas or, with a bit of size, Nat Fyfe. If a team takes the ‘risk’ on him early, they will be rewarded.

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