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Jack Lukosius

Arguably the best draft prospect in a decade

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Name: Jack Lukosius

Height: 196 cm

Weight: 84 kgs

Projected: Draft Range 1 - 3

Being precocious, means having developed at an earlier age than is usual or expected. In football terms, slotting four goals in your debut senior SANFL game, which also happened to the preliminary final, has precocious written all over it. Add that he was also a state level cricker, and your reaching supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Enter Precocious Lukosius.

Jack Lukosius, the South Australian and Woodville-West Torrens future-star is one to watch and get very excited about. He's tall and mobile with the ability to play at either end of the ground, his work rate is excellent with intelligent running patterns, he’s a great mark on the lead, has a neat field kicking action, and is a long, straight shot for goal. His superb SANFL debut was the icing on what was an excellent under-aged season, with some standout performance for South Australia in the 2017 NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. He always does something which to catch the eyes of AFL recruiters, and is in the number 1 conversation, if not leading the way.

Again, he is leading the South Australia team in the 2018 NAB AFL Under-18 Championships. He was BOG in SA's first game for the tournament, and has continued his hot form right throughout, featuring in the best in each of SA's three games and kicking 8 goals. SA are looking to win the tournament when they face off against Vic Metro this Wednesday - expect Lukosius to stamp his claims for the number 1 pick in that game.

Lukosius looks the part of a number 1 pick and shares a lot of traits with a young Jack Watts. Both tall half-forwards that can be played around the ground with a similarly lean athletic frame (within 1cm and 1kg), great uncontested players with a relaxed nature, a good mark on a lead, and an excellent shot on goal. Lukosius was recently quoted saying "uncontested ball is probably what makes me a good player, so that's what I want to be elite at." Sound familiar?

I’m not suggesting that Jack Lukosius that he won't make it at AFL level , it’s a reminder that when we look at under-aged players, we tend to look at them with rose-coloured glasses on. As with all young players, Lukosius has a lot of work to do, but he certainly has shown to this point that he has the traits to be a very special AFL player.

The case for Lukosius

Similar to Max King, Lukosius controls the forward line, can go down back with effect, and seems at ease on a wing. He is a good mark on the lead, gets around the ground with ease, and doesn’t make too many mistakes in front of goal with a beautiful goal kicking action.

Why you’d pick him over the King twins:

  • He is a superb kick, both for goal and around the ground
  • He has the same athletic game style, but with more intelligent running patterns and better endurance, which helps him to get more out of his athleticism
  • His exposed form at most levels is better than the King twins

2018 is a being touted as “super draft”, but precocious Lukosius will be at the pointy end of the draft, and should be the first tall draft. His ceiling is enormous and he possesses elite vision, endurance, speed, decision making, football IQ, and kicking. If he can start plucking some more contested marks, he'll play like a Nick Riewoldt / Pendlebury hybrid.

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